During this tough Harvest season and serious drought in big parts of South Africa, we pray for every agricultural farmer, who does not have the luxury of a secured salary at the end of the month but depends on times these!!

The silver lining though....... lovely concentrated wines.... but at what price? ....Workers losing their jobs? So next time if you pay R 10 more for a bottle of wine, enjoy your contribution even more!!!!
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Our Story

Brothers Thys, Hugo & Tobie produce 8000 tons of grapes on 550 ha of land, 

of which Hugo only selects the best quality for his Annex Kloof and Xenna ranges.  Along

with the vines they also farm with plums, citrus, pomegranates, wheat and cattle.

While Hugo and his wife Miwette are building ‘AnnexKloof Wines’, the rest of the family are 

all involve in different aspects of the family business.  The Bassons believe that

‘ Together as one’

they can accomplish much more and provide for the ‘ Tons of Swartland Son’s’ to follow!

Hugo, Thys, Oupa Toeloe en TobieTons of Swartland SOns

 Father, Toeloe, who passed away in December 2013, left a legacy behind worth talking about.  He headed the business outside of the Paardeberg and started expanding to the rest of the Swartland.  Today his 3 son’s continue building even stronger on his successes and have diversify his heritage for their 7 sons to follow.  

Hugo named the AnnexKloof Red Blend (TULU) after his late father. A Rhone Blend true to the real , ‘full-body’ character.

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